Continente awards excellence, sustainability and innovation

The Continente Producers Club awarded four national agri-food companies during its Annual Meeting, in July, which brought together more than 150 Portuguese producers. The “Innovation” awards were given to ‘ANPOC’ - National Proteins, Oilseeds and Cereals Association and to ‘Aki D’el Mar’. The “Sustainability” prize was awarded to Évora’s ‘Jurofrutas’ and the Western Producers’ Organization – ‘NARC Frutas’ - was awarded the “Excellence” prize.

With the aim of distinguishing the best that is done in the national agri-food sector, the Continente Producers Club once again awarded the annual awards for the recognition of good practices, in the innovation, sustainability and excellence fields.

Both ‘ANPOC’ - National Proteins, Oilseeds and Cereals Association (a CPC member since 2020) and ‘Aki D'el Mar’, a seafood trading company from Caldas da Rainha, and a CPC member since 2012, presented innovative projects and aligned with healthy eating, within the scope of the Producers Club’s Academy.

‘Jurofrutas’, located in Alandroal, Évora, and a member of the CPC since 2011, was awarded its distinction for the good agricultural practices that it has been implementing in its nectarine and peach orchards, whose crops will be arriving at Continente stores this season.

This year’s Excellence award was given to ‘NARC Frutas’, the Western Producers’ Organization, a CPC member since 2011, which produces ‘Royal Gala’, ‘Golden’, and ‘Fuji’ Apples as well as ‘Rocha’ Pear in more than 220 acres in the municipalities of Alcobaça, Caldas da Rainha and Nazaré, where the proximity to the sea and the mountains give the fruit produced there unique characteristics.

During the awards ceremony, Ondina Afonso, President of the Continente Producers Club, stated that “innovation and excellence continue to be awarded by the Producers Club, and this year we added yet another category – the Sustainability Award – where we wanted to recognize one of the producers who has been with us since the launch of our Declaration for Sustainability”. The Declaration for Sustainability launched, last year, by the Continente Producers Club is already considered a case-study at European level, due to the underlying production-retail partnership model.

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