The Traditional Smoked Meat ‘Folar’ (Portuguese Easter bread), made by producers from Bragança and Fundão, from surplus chorizo ​​and ham, is this Easter’s most sustainable novelty featured at Continente stores. At 480g, it sells for €3.95, but it has a 20% off discounted price until April 18th (€3.16) and is made with the leftovers generated in the production of sausages and smoked meats, reusing products that are not marketable, but come from high quality raw materials.

The smoked meat surpluses - ham and chorizo ​​- are products that do not fit into any specific fixed weight sale category or that result from breaks in the production process and therefore cannot be sold on commercial surfaces. However, by reusing surplus from the meat industry, producers ‘Pão de Gimonde’ (Bragança) and ‘Salsicharia da Gardunha’ (Fundão) – both members of the Continente Producers Club –, developed the recipe and bake these pastries that are for sale on Continente, thus fighting food waste. In order to reduce this product’s carbon footprint as much as possible, Continente also buys the cereals (flour) used in the pastry from nearby suppliers (most of which are about five kilometres away).

Food Waste is a central topic on Continente’s sustainability agenda. The Continente Producers Club has, also, been promoting partnerships with national producers that allow for waste repurposing, one of the examples being the Smoked Meat ‘Folar’ (Portuguese Easter bread), which is born from the partnership between ‘Pão de Gimonde’ and ‘Salsicharia da Gardunha’, resulting in a circular economy product”, explains Ondina Afonso, President of the Continente Producers Club.

The Smoked Meat ‘Folar’ (Portuguese Easter bread) comes as a response to the challenge launched by the Continente Producers Club, using a by-product of the meat industry in the development of an innovative product that reminds the consumer of what is most traditional in Trás-os-Montes. Produced with traditional, light and fluffy ‘folar’ pastry, the meat is spread inside, in smaller pieces, which make its flavour more harmonious and the dough even lighter.

In addition to these ‘folares’ (Portuguese Easter bread) made with meat surpluses, Continente also has other varieties of this pastry for sale, in a total of 12 different varieties, between sweet and savoury ones, namely ‘chocolate chips’, ‘nuts and candied fruit’, ‘coconut and guava’, ‘pumpkin, coconut and walnuts’, ‘cinnamon’, ‘egg’, ‘plain’ (without egg), ‘egg and almond cream’, ‘coconut and guava’, ‘chocolate and hazelnut’, ‘meat’ and ‘bacon, ham and chorizo’, with prices ranging from €1.99 to €6.79. These products are for sale at the Continente Easter Market, which runs until April 17th in all the brand’s stores.

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