The ‘Luzes com Presença’ (Lights with Presence) campaign by Missão Continente, which ran from November 20th to January 6th, raised a total of 1.2 million euros, which fully reverted to 11 national institutions dedicated to accompanying citizens in situations or risk of social isolation and loneliness, such as the Portuguese Red Cross and the ‘SOS Voz Amiga’ Association, among others.

Missão Continente’s ‘Luzes com Presença’ campaign proved to be the biggest campaign ever on this social responsibility platform, and the 1.2 million euros raised during the campaign will finance projects to fight loneliness and isolation in Portugal, by institutions with national operations – ‘SOS Voz Amiga’, Portuguese Red Cross - and local and regional action – ‘N.ª Sr.ª do Extremo’ Social Centre (Vila Pouca de Aguiar), ‘Espaço T’ - Social and community integration support association (Porto), ‘Aldeias Humanitar’ - Social Solidarity Association (Sernancelhe), ‘Mais Proximidade’ Association (Lisbon), ‘ACASO’ – Olhão’s Cultural and Social Support Association, ‘DTC Social’ – Doing Things to Connect (Vila do Conde), ‘Coração Amarelo’ Association (Porto de Mós), ‘CRESAÇOR’ – Regional Cooperative of Solidarity Economy (S. Miguel) and ‘Viver de Afetos’ - Câmara de Lobos VIVA Community Development Association (Madeira).

Added to the €1,068,462 raised through the sale of solidarity vouchers acquired by the Portuguese, there also were €68,586 donated by Missão Continente, a €10,000 contribution from Santander and the Portuguese Football Federation and another €52,952 donated through value-added phone calls and bank transfers.

Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente, explains that “we knew it was an ambitious goal because it is a less visible topic and, for many, still unknown, but we challenged ourselves, always believing in the generosity of the Portuguese and in the trust they have in Missão Continente’s ability to develop initiatives and to support projects that have a very relevant social and local impact. We thank all those who contributed to this solidarity campaign, which allowed us to support the projects, of fighting and preventing Loneliness and Social Isolation, by 11 national institutions, with 1.2 million euros”.

The beneficiary institutions were selected for their social impact projects, which develop and carry out concrete actions such as specialized emotional phone support, support for digital inclusion (basic communication tools), free complementary health care at home, plastic expression and musical sessions to stimulate cognitive and emotional skills, companion animals, home visits and support in carrying out daily tasks, among other activities and forms of specialized help for those who need it the most.

The distribution of the donation by the institutions will be proportional to their scope and effort of action, with the goal of guaranteeing these projects’ sustainability and continuity, and even the expansion of some, allowing them to help even more people”, says Nádia Reis. “After the distribution of the raised amount, Missão Continente will continue to closely monitor the institutions, in order to ensure that the supported people’s quality of life is effectively improved, and this post-campaign mission is a commitment that we face as seriously as the campaign itself” continues the official.

The ‘Luzes com Presença’ campaign was supported by the ‘GNR’ and ‘PSP’, the National School of Public Health and also by the following partners: ‘TVI’, the Portuguese Football Federation, ‘Entrajuda’ and ‘Santander’ bank.

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