KeepWells offers mental health care to the Portuguese

Did you know that the most affordable health insurance on the market also offers mental health care to the Portuguese? And they don't pay any more for it!

Portugal is the second European country with the highest prevalence of psychiatric diseases (source: National Health Council Report, 2019), with 1 in 5 Portuguese people suffering from at least one mental illness (source: Health at a Glance Report, 2018). Mental health is, therefore, a fundamental part in preserving quality of life and dealing with the challenges of an ever-changing society.

Aware of this context, and knowing that mental health is one of the main concerns of the Portuguese (in the top 3 of priorities, according to the Sustainable Health Index, developed by the NOVA Information Management School), KeepWells, Sonae’s new insurance and health plan brand, in partnership with AdvanceCare, included in all its insurances access to mental health care at no additional cost to the customer. Thus, in addition to having the most competitive health insurance on the market (€7.50 monthly fee for subscriptions until the end of the year) KeepWells includes unlimited Psychiatry and Psychology online consultations, at no extra cost, in all types of its insurances. – KeepSimple, KeepPlus and KeepTop.

There is no health without mental health and with our differentiating value proposition, and in line with the concerns of the Portuguese, we want to encourage them to take care of their health in all aspects”, says Miguel Águas, MC’s Administrator. “When we launched this health insurance, mental health was one of our priorities, as it continues to be every day. Although the pandemic has opened up a more transparent dialogue on the subject, there is still a long way to go so that the Portuguese have due access to this type of health care. We want to be active agents in the democratization of Portuguese health, in which mental [health] cannot be forgotten”.

By recognizing that a good mental health also involves a balanced and healthy lifestyle, KeepWells has included, in its insurance plans, access to a series of other benefits in the Sonae brands’ universe, which allow the Portuguese to bet, on a continuous and daily basis, on their physical and mental health, healthy lifestyle and well-being. By subscribing to KeepWells health insurances, customers benefit from advantages and discounts on the following brands: Continente Bio, Continente Equilíbrio, Go Natural, Solinca, Wells, Dr. Wells, Worten, Yammi, Zu and Editory Hotels.

KeepWells emerges from a partnership between MC and AdvanceCare, that guarantees a proven experience in the insurance and health plans sector and a vast network of providers as well as more than 23,000 doctors, clinics and hospitals, including all the main private groups across the country and islands.

All KeepWells insurances also provide access to discounts on Dental Medicine and accumulate a 15% discount on Continente Card.

For more information and to subscribe to KeepWells insurance, visit, call 217 611 900, or visit the KeepWells points of sale in Centro Colombo, in Lisbon, and NorteShopping, in Porto.

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