‘Flexible Vegetarian’ is Yämmi's new book aimed at those who want to be vegetarian only sometimes, for the first time or all the time. This food flexibility guide features 70 recipes that multiply into ‘a thousand and one’ menus for all 7 days of the week, with the aim of teaching how to take avail of vegetables from root to tip.

The recipes are divided into 10 chapters: ‘Breakfast Bowls’; ‘Healthy drinks’; ‘Snacks’; ‘Lunch to go’; ‘Weekend lunches’; ‘Snacks & light meals’; ‘Quick dinners’; ‘Special dinners’; ‘Cakes & Desserts’; ‘Ice creams’. ‘Flexible Vegetarian’, a book written in partnership with Leya, is for sale at Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores, as well as on Continente Online, Note! and Go Natural stores and at a bookstore near you, for €21.90.

Our new book for kitchen robots suits the changes experienced in recent times, with new routines, lifestyles and consumption. Customers are increasingly interested in this topic, adapting their diet and, therefore, looking for reliable content on the flexitarian diet. ‘Flexible Vegetarian’ is a book that includes pedagogy on the topic and recipes validated by a team of nutritionists.

The Flexitarian Diet (or Semi-vegetarian Diet) by definition is characterized by a healthy and sustainable diet, without any strict rules, with no strictly prohibited foods or calorie counting. It is intended for anyone who wants to favour a plant-based diet, but not giving up on animal products, in moderation.

Yämmi is a state-of-the-art appliance from MC that aims to make life easier for the Portuguese in adopting a practical lifestyle and a balanced diet, democratizing access to kitchen robots.

Continente works daily to incorporate a circular economy approach into its business, with the aim of preventing and reducing food waste, and, therefore, this book is an important aid in raising consumer awareness on the importance of this commitment, through practical and tasty suggestions.

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