Items available in ZU stores, with prices up to €5.49

This Easter promises to be even more fun and there will be no shortage of activities for the whole family, including their pets. If there is egg hunting, and other challenging missions, for kids and adults, there is also guaranteed play for dogs and cats, where there is no shortage of bunnies, chicks, chickens and even sheep that are very colourful and irresistible to play with. ZU has for sale, for less than €5.49, a collection of Easter toys, especially designed for our pet’s needs, and with high levels of cuteness, that promise to stir many tails and whiskers.

The cat line is made up of a rabbit, a chicken and a sheep that, guaranteed, will not go unnoticed by these predatory felines since, in addition to their appealing shape and colour, these dolls rock back and forth (RRP  €4,49).

For dogs, there are also three solutions: a rabbit with a ball and built-in whistle, which promises to make playing very dynamic and challenging (RRP €4.49); a chicken, without stuffing and easy for dogs to pick up in their mouths and stuff it with cuddles and licks (RRP €4.49); and a fluffy and soft chick, which contains padding only in the head part, being very pleasant for the dynamics between dogs and their owners (RRP €5.49).

This collection is for sale at the ZU store network: Zu – Stores Near You. 

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