• With Menu10, for every €7 in purchases with the Continente Card at participating Ibersol Group’s restaurants (KFC, Pans, Pizza Hut, Pasta Caffé, Taco Bell, Miit and SOL), customers accumulate 1 digital stamp in the Continente Card APP .

  • For every 10 digital stamps, customers get €7 back in the Continente Card through the APP.

  • The campaign runs until September 30th, 2023.

Menu10 is an exclusive benefit for Continente Card APP users in participating restaurants of the Ibersol Group under the KFC, Pans, Pizza Hut, Pasta Caffé, Taco Bell, Miit and SOL brands. For every 7 euros purchased with the Continente Card at one of the participating restaurants, customers accumulate 1 digital stamp.

Thus, whenever the Continente Card is associated with purchases at the restaurant, customers will be accumulating digital stamps, even if they are taking benefit from other promotions for the same purchase. After collecting 10 digital stamps, customers will be able to redeem a prize of 7 euros in Card balance in the APP and use this amount in any brand integrated in the Continente Card partners’ network.

The use of this balance is subject to the usual Continente Card’s Terms and Conditions, thus it is important to highlight that the period for accumulating digital stamps runs until September 30th, 2023, and the period for discounting the stamp book runs until October 15th, 2023.

In 2017, the Ibersol Group, leader in modern restaurants in Portugal, joined the Continente Card, the biggest discount card in the country. From then on, KFC, Pans, Pizza Hut, Pasta Caffé, Taco Bell, Miit and SOL brands’ customers have been able to use their Continente Card in the participating Ibersol Group’s restaurants and thus enjoy the Loyalty Programme’s benefits, accumulating and using discounts.

Menu10 is a benefit that adds more value to the partnership between the Continente Card and the Ibersol Group, fostering the relationship with its Customers through an exclusive benefit for Customers who visit participating restaurants.

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