Between March 30th and April 2nd, 10 companies from the Continente Producers Club (CPC) will be present at AGRO – International Agriculture, Livestock and Food Fair, which takes place at Altice Forum Braga, for the sale of products marketed by the brand and for tastings proposals for visitors.

‘Campotec’, ‘BDF’, ‘Horto São Silvestre’, ‘Aromáticas Vivas’, ‘Celeste’, ‘Queijos Paiva’, ‘Bísaro’, ‘Pão de Gimonde’, ‘MinhoFumeiro’ and ‘Vinho Campelo’ are the CPC’s market participants.

The CPC currently has four producers in Braga’s district, which represent around 10% of national purchases, from sectors such as Charcuterie & Cheese, Fruits and Vegetables and Bakery.

AGRO is the most important agriculture, livestock and food fair in the North of Portugal, being the only Portuguese fair to integrate Eurasco – European Federation of Agricultural Exhibitions and Show Organizers. With over 25,000 m² of exhibition space, it brings together the main players in the sector: farmers, livestock breeders (indigenous breeds and others in the agricultural sector), producers, importers, stockists and resellers in the agro-food and livestock sectors, national and foreign specialists from the various sectors as well as the public in general.

The aim of the Continente Producers Club, which has 267 members, is to provide customers with excellent national products, that are product of a partnership work with suppliers, supported by technical-scientific knowledge and which makes it possible to align the offer with consumption trends. The CPC has established a ‘Declaration for Sustainability’ for its members, based on 11 principles and several initiatives (such as the Huntsman Eagle protection project), to promote sustainable production and consumption and a food system that respects the environment.

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