With discounts of up to 50% on hundreds of products, the Continente Baby’s Fair runs until January 23rd in all Continente and Continente Online stores. With yet another Continente Baby’s Fair edition, Continente remains alongside mothers and fathers in one of the most special stages of their lives, making everyday life easier, with useful and practical solutions that allow for countless savings solutions.

The 2022 Continente Baby’s Fair features numerous novelties and new brands, while focusing on the basic needs of each baby, at very competitive prices.

This year Continente presents a range of ‘auto’ and ‘street’ complete group stroller options, reinforced by the best brands, and with the introduction of new brands, always at the best price.

In terms of dining chairs, both ‘evolutionary’ and ‘2 in 1’, the Fair presents many new novelties, as well as the introduction of a new brand of bathtubs and new patterns in the Happy Bear brand, exclusive to Continente. Even more references of sleeping chairs will be available with new designs and new brands, as well as multifunctional parks and accessories.

The furniture range was also reinforced with new items, with special emphasis on the evolutionary bed that accompanies the child’s growth. Auto and heavy childcare items have a minimum discount of 20% at specific times during the Fair, either in physical stores or on Continente Online, with an even wider range of products.

The home and textile range is even more complete, focusing on essentials, maintaining its commitment to underwear made with organic cotton, in sets and promotional items such as baby grows, socks, among others. Also, the 2022 collection features differentiating cribs, blankets and breastfeeding pillows, at very competitive prices.

This year, and for the first time, specialist collaborators explore the essentials, that parents should take into account when taking care of their babies, in a series of videos, which can be accessed through a QR CODE that is available in Continente stores and in the Continente Baby’s Fair brochure. In addition, Continente Online also has a digital Technical Catalogue available for consultation throughout the year, which aims to assist parents in the various stages of their baby’s growth.

With several tips for taking care of babies, the Continente Baby’s Fair brochure also presents technical solutions which can be accessed by reading the QRCode.

This year’s highlights go to:

  • One Isofix Gr 0/1/2/3 Car Seat | €159.00

  • Darling 3 In 1 Beige Street Set | €299.00

  • Raw wood tent bed | €169.00

  • Avista Terrazo Dining Chair | €79.99

  • Niza Dual Gr 0/1/2/3 Car Seat | €139.00

  • Beline Sp Speedy Gr 1/2/3 Car Seat | €34.99

  • Lulla Baby Sleeping Chair | €79.99

  • Softplay Baby Park | €189.00

  • New York Trio Street Set | €399.00

  • Coffee Evolutionary Bed | €409.00

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