Continente’s Exclusive wines win 6 medals

Six exclusive wines from Continente’s wine cellar won a gold medal and five silver medals in the 22nd edition of the international “Wine Masters Challenge” contest, which has been held in Portugal since 1999. It is a competition recognized by official bodies such as INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property and the World Wine Observatory, which annually evaluates around 900 references from countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia or Australia.

The gold medal was awarded to “Vidigueira Premium” Alentejo White wine. “Vidigueira Premium” Alentejo Red and “Vidigueira Signature” Alentejo Red wines, produced by “Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito” under the responsibility of winemaker Luís Morgado Leão, were awarded silver medals.

The wines “Casa de Vila Verde” Great Choice Loureiro Vinho Verde and “Janelas Antigas” Great Choice Vinho Verde, produced by “Casa de Vila Verde”, and the “Algazarra Signature” Lisboa Red wine produced by “Casa Santos Lima”, under the responsibility of the winemaker Diogo Sepúlveda, were awarded medals silver.

Support for national production and the provision of the best that is produced in the different national wine regions is at the origin of the work that Continente has been developing over the years. Only with strong partnerships with producers and a focus on the quality of the wines that we present to our customers is it possible to continue to expand the number of awards and medals for wines like these, exclusive to the Continente wine cellar.

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