“When we walk side by side, no one is left behind” marks Continente’s first institutional campaign’s signature in 2023, which shows the brand’s commitment to remaining alongside families, always presenting low prices, promotions, coupons, the widest variety of products, the best fresh products and everything that the Portuguese recognize in the brand.

Created by Fuel, the multimedia campaign follows the journey of two people who walk side by side, over the course of a day, taking the same route towards a Continente store. The protagonists are a customer and an employee and, together, they symbolize the brand’s commitment to always being by the Portuguese families’ side.

Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Continente, says that: “the current economic context represents a huge challenge for Portuguese families. The decrease in disposable income, caused by inflation and the increase in interest rates, is having a strong impact on household consumption decisions, namely the purchase of food products. Our aim, through this campaign, is to show that Continente has been present in the lives of the Portuguese every day and that remains by their side, always”.

The campaign’s second phase begins with the offer of a 15% discount on Continente Card coupon, to be used throughout the store. Through these campaign actions, the Continente brand demonstrates, once again, that it remains mindful to consumers and that it seeks to provide conditions that ease and improve their lives, not forgetting the impact of its activity.


Creative Direction Agency :: FUEL Publicidade
Production Consulting :: Pro(u)d
Audio-visual Producer :: More Maria
Directed by :: José Pedro Sousa

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