Next February 15th, Continente will organize an open day, at Madeira’s Agricultural School, with the aim of attracting new fruit and vegetable producers to the brand. Madeira’s regional government will be supporting this initiative, which will be attended by Humberto Vasconcelos, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development.

José Carlos Salvado, Continente’s Director of Operations in Madeira, states that “MC is open to all farmers who wish to work with us or who want to know how we operate in Continente stores. We have an ever-increasing offer of regional products, with the best that is made on the island of Madeira. In 2022, Continente bought more than 4 thousand tonnes of fresh products locally and we hope, once again, to continue to surpass these numbers.

Madeira’s Agricultural School, as the venue for this open day, symbolizes the importance of local production and the support that MC wants to keep providing for the development of regional agriculture. This open day will be open to all fruit and vegetable producers in the Madeira region who are interested in working with Modelo Continente’s supermarkets. In this session, among other topics, the programme contracts, which are made with producers that guarantee Modelo Continente’s commitment to the purchase and sale of products in Modelo Continente stores in the Madeira region, will be made known.

We want to continue to value Madeira’s products and to work ever closer and in conjunction with regional producers” reflects the official.

The Continente brand has been present in Madeira since 1996 and currently promotes 1100 jobs with the support of 80 local producers who supply the stores. In the region, Continente supports 36 social institutions on a daily basis.

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