Continente take-away with festive proposals

'Game pie', 'Lamb with roasted potatoes and sautéed greens', 'Cod loin with bread crumbs' or traditional Christmas desserts such as pumpkin and almond cake, or french toast, are some of the dishes and desserts that can be ordered at Continente stores’ Take Away, for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Christmas orders can be placed until December 16th and New Year's orders until December 21st [1], in person, until the store closes, or on through the digital catalogue [2] or through the phone number 808 100 801 [3].

“In a year in which Christmas and New Year will be lived differently, Continente’s Take Away aims to be a precious help to keep the Christmas and New Year tradition on the tables of the Portuguese, with a selection of dishes that combine the traditional flavours, the comfort and quality of homemade food that we all enjoy during this season”, says Paulo Aleluia, Category Leader of Continente’s Take Away.

In addition to the more traditional dishes of the season, there are also some novelties such as the vegetarian option of 'Tofu with sautéed greens, potatoes and bread crumbs', all made with fresh, quality ingredients and without the addition of dyes or preservatives.

For starters, you can choose from delicacies such as cod pasties, patties, croquettes, pies (duck, veal and game) and shrimp quiche. When it comes to main courses, the options are fish dishes (like the traditional 'cod loin with bread crumbs' or the '’lagareiro’ octopus with potatoes'), meat dishes (like the famous 'roasted turkey' or 'Lamb with roasted potatoes and sautéed greens').

To finish the meal, there are many novelties and, as tradition dictates, Continente offers several desserts, such as king cake, queen cake, pumpkin and almond cake, Christmas dream cakes, french toast, Christmas trunk with egg cream, rice pudding and sweet vermicelli among many others.

Continente ‘take away’ Christmas and New Year meal list


• Duck pie
• Veal Pie
• Game Pie (new)
• Meat Croquette
• Cod pasties
• Mini Cod Pasties
• Shrimp patties
• Mini Shrimp Patties
• Mini Meat Patties
• Mini meat croquettes
• Spinach Croquettes
• Shrimp Quiche (new)

Side dishes:

• Arabic rice
• Spinach purée
• Roast potatoes
• Sautéed greens with bread crumbs

Fish dishes:

• ’Lagareiro’ Octopus with roasted potatoes, roasted chives and sautéed greens
• Cod with cream
• Cod with Cream and Shrimp
• Cod Loins with bread crumbs
• Cod chips with roasted potatoes, sautéed greens and bread crumb crust (new)
• ’Lagareiro’ cod loins with shrimp, roasted potatoes and sautéed greens (new)

Meat dishes:

• Sliced roasted pork loin, stuffed with chorizo and mushrooms, with chives, potatoes and roasted mushrooms
• Duck rice
• Baby goat with roasted potatoes
• Nordigal Roasted Turkey
• Roasted Piglet
• Sliced Turkey Roti with Plums and Baked Potato (new)
• Boneless lamb leg with roasted potatoes and sautéed greens (new)

Vegetarian Option:

• Tofu with greens, potatoes and bread crumb crust (new)


• ‘Sericaia’ in clay dish (new)
• Sweet Angel hair (new)
• Sweet Egg Cream (new)
• Egg pudding (new)
• Sweet Egg Cream Molotof flan (new)
• Creamy Sponge Cake (new)
• Egg lamprey (new)
• Rice pudding (new)
• Sweet vermicelli (new)
• Continente Seleção King Cake
• Queen cake (new)
• ‘Broas Castelares’ (new)
• French toast (new)
• Pumpkin and almond cake (new)
• Sweet potato cake (new)
• Honey ‘Coscorões’ (new)
• Christmas dream cakes (new)
• Christmas Trunk with Sweet Egg Cream (new)

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