Continente shower gel produced in Portugal

Completely produced in Portugal, the Continente shower gel range has been reformulated to eliminate dyes and micro plastics.

Comprising the options 'Moisturizer', 'Orchid', 'Milk and Honey' and the latest novelties 'Olive' and 'Honey and Coconut' at a rrp of € 1.99 in a 1L format, this range is produced by a flagship national company in the cosmetics and personal care sector, with over 90 years of history.

In these new formulas, dyes and micro plastics were removed, guaranteeing a more natural and perfumed shower gel, with the same effectiveness and creamy sensation, but without harmful residues to the environment.

This is the result of the investment that the Continente brand has been making to encourage the development and economic sustainability of Portuguese companies while contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint of its products, providing an offer with the best quality always at the best prices.

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