Continente reinforces its offer in the new KASA catalogue

With more products produced in Portugal and a supply adjusted to the demand during the pandemic, Continente presented, today, the new KASA collection, its exclusive brand of decorative items. The Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 collection is available at Continente stores and online until February 20th, 2021.

“We reacted with pride, agility and speed, keeping in mind what clients have told us in recent months, resorting to a reinforcement of national production and looking for a joint and immediate adjustment path. Without disregarding what we knew to be trends, we focused on needs. We managed to grow as a brand and refine the offer based on the agility of the teams focused on the current context. This quick adjustment and reaction were only possible due to the creativity of the Portuguese designers and the agility of the management and quality teams, totally focused on the customer and on overcoming. It is a reason to be proud”, reveals Cristina Braga da Cruz, Head of Product & Digital Development at Sonae MC, during the campaign’s virtual presentation.

The new collection and product development are carried out by a team dedicated to mapping trends, interpreting them using the creativity of national designers as well as the teams responsible for buyers and quality, dedicated exclusively to the KASA brand. More than half of the items are purchased in Portugal, which reinforced Continente's responsiveness, with products with the best quality / price ratio.

With the motto “When you are dreaming of your home, come to ours”, the catalogue has two new exclusive collections - 'Poetry' and 'Native' - which have a choice of the favourite products of actress Rita Pereira and influencer Fernanda Velez.

The ‘Poetry’ collection celebrates the love for life and is characterized by neutral tones, dry greens, mint and romantic pinks, by the comfort of velvets and by vivid shapes. It is romantic, and serene in the tones it evokes. It has simple and bicolour floral patterns, with smooth tones that are easy to mix and blend.

The 'Native' collection is a relaxed collection with a traveller’s soul, inspired by warm, earthy tones, unique textures and decorative elements that bring warmth, rhythm and energy to the cold season. It is marked by the exotic nature of the savannah and the sovereign power of the elephant, with a tribal culture.

Rita Pereira, among several options, highlights the Bamboo Decorative Lantern (16 €), the Straw Decorative Leaf (8 €) and the 90cm Embroidered Jute Round Rug (20 €). Fernanda Velez chooses the Milan Gray Chair (45 €), the 24-piece Gold Cutlery Set (35 €) and the Ratan Native Round Mirror (15 €), among others.

In addition to the collections that yield desires and emotions, KASA also wants to bring practical and functional suggestions to tidy, simplify and organize our homes. Thus, the catalogue presents several suggestions on how to set up an office in a room in the house, which is increasingly essential in teleworking, as well as other practical tips for day-to-day activities. There are other novelties such as items for the cold: flannel duvet covers, bombazine and cloth blankets with lamb fur lining and XXL blankets.

Kitchen items such as frying pans, casseroles and food boxes to transport meals are also highlighted, as are table textiles. Serving crockery has been in high demand in Continente stores, as families spend more time at home and, in the current context, seek more table textiles and serving accessories. “The reinforcement of this offer is a tribute to the birthday parties, which did not stop being held, and which even had more time and investment in their presentation. The absence of extra guests was no reason to neglect beautiful table settings and to enjoy every meal and special date”, reveals Cristina Braga da Cruz.

The brand also presents accessories to help cook and give free rein to the universe of pastries - a hobby reinforced in the current context - and which Continente supports and encourages by offering accessories and complements. The new collection also highlights furniture and solutions for home office and home school, as well as small tables, a wide variety of chairs, sofas and a reinforcement of the decoration options.

According to Cristina Braga da Cruz, Head of Product & Digital Development at Sonae MC, “with this KASA collection we want to reinforce the emotional connection that exists with our families and with our homes, where we remain increasingly longer. We figured out what our clients were looking for the most in these months and we helped to find solutions to tidy and organize cabinets and pantries; we found that they cooked more and that they explored confectionery and we found ways to simplify it. We intend our customers now to take advantage of the cold weather to relax inside their homes with new XXL blankets, with lamb lining and new fabrics such as bombazine. We have also extended the range of warm bedding.”

“During this period, we also want to offer some proposals of small indulgence for home decoration, such as vases, frames and very natural looking artificial plants. During the pandemic, customers searched for and bought functional pieces, but they also invested in decoration, design and emotion. Thus, we interpreted the wishes and interests of Portuguese families in order to present this collection, with an excellent quality / price ratio, but which is suitable for several styles”, continues the Sonae MC’s department head.

KASA products can be ordered online at, or at, and collected, free of charge, on weekdays and at the weekend, with a € 1 fee, at 156 Continente stores. For purchases over € 40, on the website, the delivery is free.

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About KASA

KASA is a brand of home decorative items and products, exclusive to Continente, which promotes family well-being, by offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices, capable of adapting to several styles, needs and occasions. The KASA website contains items from the KASA brand, but also from other brands, as a way of presenting a varied and complete offer, for every place in your home.

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