The launch of the Madeira’s Producers Club Academy and the renewal of the protocol with the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture were the biggest news of the Continente Producers Club’s (CPC) regional fruit and vegetable producers’ annual meeting, which gathered, on June 2nd, approximately 20 local producers from Madeira, from whom Continente bought 750 tonnes of products in 2021.

“The future… lies in regional production” was the theme of the Meeting that took place at the Água de Pena’s depot, and was attended by Humberto Vasconcelos, regional secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development and Ondina Afonso, president of the CPC.

The Continente Producers Club Academy, which will now be extended to Madeira, is a pioneering initiative that brings together producers, researchers from the national scientific scene and MC Sonae teams, where its goal is to strengthen strategic partnerships and incorporate knowledge within producers, with the aim of training them and promoting the development of innovative and excellent products that can meet the needs of Continente's customers. “The Academy is already in its 5th Edition and we want to launch the Madeira’s Producers Club Academy by the last quarter of this year, with a program fully adapted to the reality of our regional producers” explains Ondina Afonso, president of the CPC.

The head of the CPC highlights the protocol with the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture, which aims to “promote greater integration between production and distribution, supporting producers and structuring production around effective market needs that result in greater social, economic and environmental benefits”.

The main products that stand out in regional production, in the vegetable area, are cabbage, potato, sweet potato, lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Said production has been increasingly asserting itself as a crop that is produced on the Island, and at the level of what is best done in Portugal.

According to Ondina Afonso “we certify, annually, that our producers comply with a set of quality, food safety, environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare indicators. We believe that any producer that meets our standards is able to respond to emerging challenges”.

Continente, through the Producers Club’s technicians, works daily, with national producers, in finding and selecting the best products to meet the needs of its customers. From now on, this region will also have a dedicated technician, from Madeira, who will provide full support to producers, on the field.

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