Throughout the summer, and every 15 days, Continente will be launching three new flavours of ‘Berlin balls’ (cream-filled doughnuts), in packs of 2 units, for a RRP of €1.99, for a total of 22 varieties of this exclusive Continente recipe, developed especially for the brand’s stores. Both the traditional egg cream and chocolate fillings will always be available in stores, individually for a RRP of €0.79 or in packs of 4 for a RRP of €3.16.

‘Beetroot Dough with Custard Cream’, ‘Coffee Dough’, ‘Coffee Dough with Whipped Cream Filling’, ‘Lemon Dough with Hazelnut Chocolate Filling’, ‘Duo Cheesecake’ and ‘Duo Chocolate’ are the new summer flavours, which join the flavours launched in 2021 and which are back this year.

The ‘Berlin balls’ (cream-filled doughnuts) are all manufactured in Portugal, following an exclusive Continente recipe, and do not contain artificial colouring and are filled by hand.

In 2021, between June and September, Continente sold 1.7 million ‘Berlin balls’, attracting more than 16,000 new customers.

According to Catarina Simões, Bakery & Pastry Category Leader at MC, “on Continente we are always committed to providing innovative products, adjusted to the wishes of our customers, giving priority to quality, flavour and price. This limited summer edition of Continente’s ‘Berlin Balls’ aims to keep meeting our customers’ expectations, in a surprising way.

Continente ‘Berlin Balls’:


  • Egg Cream Berlin Ball

  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Berlin Ball

Traditional dough + Filling

  • Berlin Ball with White Chocolate Dragees

  • Berlin Ball with Dark Chocolate Dragees

  • Cheesecake Berlin Ball

  • Banoffee Berlin Ball

  • Passion Fruit Berlin Ball

  • Red Berries Berlin Ball

  • Apple and Cinnamon Berlin Ball

  • Black Biscuit Berlin Ball

  • Strawberry Berlin Ball

  • Dulce de Leche Berlin Ball

  • Crunchy Coconut Berlin Ball

  • White Hazelnut Chocolate Berlin Ball

  • Lemon Berlin Ball

  • Coffee Berlin Ball*

 Flavoured dough + Filling

  •  Beetroot Dough with Custard Cream Filling Berlin Ball*

  •  Coffee Dough with Whipped Cream Filling Berlin Ball*

  •  Lemon Dough with Hazelnut Chocolate Filling Berlin Ball*

  • Cocoa Dough with White Chocolate Filling Berlin Ball

Double Filling

  •  Duo Cheesecake Berlin Ball*

  • Duo Chocolate Berlin Balls*


*new flavours

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