Continente promotes frozen foods

Promoting the practicality and convenience of frozen foods, coupled with the products’ quality and the reduction of food waste is the Frozen Food Market’s goal, which takes place in all Continente stores, until October 19th. With several practical proposals for everyday life, the Frozen Food Market has several brands with direct discounts of up to 50%.

Frozen products have shown a sustained growth in sales in recent years, with demand, mainly, focused on cooking ingredients (such as vegetables) or new flavours to try, such as ice cream.

The good quality-price ratio, practicality and convenience (simple to prepare and purchase), combined with the fact that the products have no additional preservatives and preserve essential nutrients, have been relevant factors for this category’s success. In addition, frozen products produce less waste and have a considerable variety of options for the various daily meals.

According to João Calvão, Business Unit Director, “it is necessary to demystify the idea that frozen foods are artificial because freezing is a natural preservation process that does not require the use of additional preservatives and preserves food at its best, guaranteeing all essential nutrients. With Continente’s Frozen Food Market we intend to celebrate the advantages of frozen foods and to dismantle myths and prejudices, in a simple, clear and tasty way.”

Some of the most popular products among customers are hamburgers, pizzas or fish sticks, but there are more and more areas in greater demand such as the vegetarian range or ice cream.

It is estimated that in Portugal more than 1 million tonnes of food are wasted each year that would feed the 360,000 people suffering from hunger in the country. Continente works daily to incorporate the circular economy approach in its businesses, with the goal of preventing and reducing waste, acting in terms of efficient stock management, production planning and monitoring, redistribution and product donation, making this Frozen Food Market an initiative that meets this important commitment.

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