As Continente continues to invest in the innovation of its products, it has just launched two new bakery products: Black Pork Chorizo ​​Bread and Red Fruit and Hazelnut Bread.

Black Pork Chorizo ​​Bread is an artisanal bread with black pork chorizo ​​from Alentejo. The bread is made from sourdough that undergoes 24 hours of fermentation, which gives it a characteristic flavour and aroma. The bread is produced in Alentejo exclusively for Continente stores, and the chorizo ​​is made from acorn-fed black pork, which gives it a differentiating taste, and is sold for a price of €0.99.

The Red Fruits and Hazelnut Bread is a rustic bread, made from sourdough enriched with cranberries, figs, apricots and hazelnuts. With a distinct flavour, this bread does not contain additives and has low salt content. The 300g Red Fruits and Hazelnut Bread is for sale at Continente stores for €1.99.

According to Catarina Simões, Director of the Bakery and Pastry Business Unit at Sonae MC, “innovation is in Continente's DNA. We are constantly looking to create new recipes that meet our customers' expectations and tastes. We are very confident in these two new bakery products.

In addition to these novelties, Continente also launched the new Rye Bread from Trás-os-Montes, a bread made from grains sown in Trás-os-Montes’ soils, ground in one of the oldest mills in the country, in Bragança, and produced by ‘Pão de Gimonde’, a local producer, member of the Continente Producers Club (CPC).

Rye Bread from Trás-os-Montes was developed exclusively for Continente stores and is available, for now, at a price of €1.79 in a selection of stores in Mainland Portugal. This launch reinforces Continente's objective of using national flours in the production of traditional bread, as has been happening for the last three years with the ‘Cereais do Alentejo’ chain.

With an oval shape, produced with rye flour, to which whole rye flour is added, the Rye Bread from Trás-os-Montes is prepared with Cultivation Sourdough (natural fermentation), shaped by hand, baked in firewood ovens and without the addition of any type of additives. With a longer shelf life, it remains fresh for several days.

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