Continente Equilíbrio launches new light greek yogurts

Mythos Light yoghurts, Greek style, in “Natural” and “Strawberry” flavours, in packs of 4 units, with a value of €1.49, are the latest additions to the ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ brand.

Continente Equilíbrio Mythos Yogurts stand out for their creamy, velvety and indulgent texture in a light version, with only 1.5% fat in its strawberry flavour and 1.8% in its natural flavour versions.

The Mythos “Natural” light yogurt, in its 1kg format (€2.00), is one of the great successes of the ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ brand, and is now available in a bowl format, responding to the suggestions of several customers who are looking for more practical and convenient formats, and in individual doses.

The ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ range responds to the consumers’ growing needs and desire to purchase nutritionally balanced products, with reduction of sugar, salt or fat contents, but also with the addition of proteins, fibres and/or vitamins and naturally healthier ingredients. With approximately 200 references, the ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ brand asserts itself as a range of nutritionally balanced products at an affordable price, which allows everyone to make food choices for a healthier life.

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