‘Vegegurtes’ from Continente’s ‘Powered by Plants’ range are the new vegan alternative to yogurts, made from an almond and a coconut base, and with national production. The 100% vegetable base range is fortified with Vitamins B12, D and Calcium.

For sale at Continente stores, in the yogurt aisle, the new ‘Vegegurtes’ are naturally lactose-free, gluten free, and are suitable for vegan consumers, with the European Vegetarian Union’s guarantee.

Produced in Portugal, these coconut-based ‘vegegurts’ are available in three flavours - Natural, Strawberry and Mango/Passion Fruit - in a 2x120g format, for the RRP of 1.39 euros. The almond-based variety also has three flavours – Natural, Red Fruits and Peach/Passion Fruit – in a 2x120g format, for the RRP of 1.49 euros.

Suitable for vegans, gluten and lactose intolerants, these plant-based yogurts are also an alternative for those looking to reduce the consumption of animal products.

According to the Missão Continente/ICS-ULisboa III Great National Sustainability Survey’s results, and compared with data from 2018, there has been a decrease in meat consumption and an increase in the importance of plant-based meals for consumers in Portugal, already exceeding two meals (on average) per week.

Increased concerns about health and healthy eating, as well as a greater environmental awareness and attention to animal welfare, have led to an increased demand for innovative and disruptive products aimed at veggie diets (vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians).

The promotion of balanced eating habits and lifestyles, as well as conscious consumption, are essential commitments for the Continente brand, which are reflected in the development of its private label products, which has been earning the trust and preference of the Portuguese.

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