Continente launches savings packs to help families

Continente launched a new range of “Savings Pack” products: large format items, with lower prices per dose and that allow for savings of up to 20 euros, compared to the same products in the standard format.

Among food, cleaning and personal care products, there are already 30 products available in a larger capacity format that help Portuguese families to save on the final bill.
Some of Continente’s products in the “Savings Pack” range available are essential goods that are part of the shopping cart of most families, such as:

• Continente Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l - 33% free: € 2.24 (savings of € 1)

• Continente Tuna - buy 5, pay 4: € 3.56 (saving € 0.89)

• Continente Spaghetti Pasta 1kg: € 0.79 (savings of € 0.11)

• Continente Aroma Yogurts 16 units: € 2.19 (savings of € 0.57)

• Continente Seleção Coffee 48 capsules: € 8.19 (savings of € 2.76)

• Continente toilet paper 60 rolls: € 7.99 (saving € 1.96)

Aware of the phase that the country is going through and maintaining the commitment to be at the side of the Portuguese at all times, private label products assume a fundamental role in the offer at the lowest prices. Giving priority to customer favourites, Continente is extending the new “Savings Pack” range and expects to reach the end of 2020 with more than 50 of these items on store shelves.

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