Continente launches private label of alcohol gel and disinfectants

In order to meet everyone's current hygiene and safety requirements and needs, the Continente brand launched ‘Protect’, a new range of personal care and home cleaning products with antibacterial and disinfectant properties at low prices.

The ‘Protect’ range includes antibacterial alcohol gel in two formats: 500ml dispenser (RRP € 2.89) and 100ml bottle (RRP € 1.14), a practical and convenient format for regular hand sanitizing when not at home. This range of alcohol gel, developed with 70º V/V of active substance (ethyl alcohol), complies with the recommendations of both DGS and WHO, guaranteeing effective hand sanitizing, and in its formulation also integrates glycerine that helps to hydrate the skin.

Novo alcool gel desinfetante marca Continente Protect

For deep house cleaning, the ‘Protect’ range includes a 1.5l multi-purpose disinfectant (RRP € 1.99) and 750ml multi-purpose, degreaser and toilet cleaner disinfectant sprays (RRP € 1.99). This cleaning range eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on all surfaces and guarantees an effective, safe and bleach-free disinfection.

The Continente brand is the first private label to present a complete range of protection products transversal to personal hygiene and home cleaning.

According to Ana Alves, Private Label Commercial Director at Sonae MC, “the ‘Protect’ range reflects the Continente brand’s commitment to always seeking to meet the needs of consumers, developing products with proven quality and effectiveness, and always at low prices.”

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