Animal Solidarity Bank collects 21 tonnes of products for animals

The Animal Solidarity Bank, an initiative by Animalife with the support of Missão Continente, collected more than 21 tonnes of food and other essential products for the daily treatment of pets that live in vulnerable situations.

The 21st national campaign “Do not leave for tomorrow the help you can give today”, held from July 10th to the 26th, took place in a different way than usual, due to the pandemic: the collection was made through the purchase of vouchers, corresponding to several essential products, in more than 300 Continente stores across the country, without resorting to the usual volunteers. This was the Animal Solidarity Bank’s only collection in a pandemic period.

Customers at Continente stores collected 21,165 kilograms of pet products, at a time when many associations found their work hindered due to the increase in requests for help and the families' economic difficulties. According to Rodrigo Livreiro, President of Animalife, “the past few months have been challenging for many people. If families and institutions need support to maintain and care for their animals, the Animal Solidarity Bank’s goal is to provide this help, but this is a cycle that depends on everyone's contribution. And at a time when many have seen their economic and professional situation impacted, it is with deep satisfaction that we witness that the Portuguese are still available to help the animal cause, of which so much has been talked about lately, not always for the best reasons.”

The Animal Solidarity Bank aims to provide food for animals that live under the guardianship of associations, groups and individual protectors, stray animals and animals belonging to needy families and homeless people, in order to avoid abandonment and consequent overpopulation of animals, either on the street or in shelters.

About Animalife

Animalife is a nationwide non-profit association, which was created in October 2011. It fights the abandonment of pets by working against their causes, providing support to needy families and people who are homeless with pets, as well as animal protection associations. It is organized in three centres: Lisbon, Porto and in the South Bank.
It is based on a volunteering model, relying on 150 volunteers spread across the country’s different centres.

More information about the Animal Solidarity Bank is available at

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