As of today, with the ‘Quico Continente’ app – Continente’s new instant delivery service - it is possible to order home deliveries in under 30 minutes, of grocery products and, soon, take away meals from the brand’s supermarkets, in a single order.

Continente thus becomes the first food retailer to develop its own instant delivery service in Portugal.

The project, which aims to enhance consumers’ comfort, convenience and time saving, now reaches ​​Porto’s central area, and plans to expand to Lisbon in early 2023.

Continente’s ‘Quico’ app stands out for responding to urgent and unplanned purchase missions, allowing customers to receive supermarket products and, soon, take away meals. On this platform, it is also possible to benefit from Continente Card’s advantages, by retrieving coupons and discounts associated with the Continente Card app.

At Continente, we are always looking for ways to increase the convenience we offer our customers, having been investing heavily in services that stand out for their innovation and quality, with the aim of satisfying (and anticipating) their needs. With ‘Quico’, customers can now enjoy an experience of fast delivery of groceries and ready-to-eat meals from our supermarkets, in a single purchase. They can also benefit from the advantages provided by the Continente Card”, explains Guilherme Cardoso, Head of E-Commerce Business Development at MC.

Continente is the leading food retail brand in Portugal, recognized in the dynamism and innovation areas, and with a solid path in digital disruption, in line with global trends. It was the first supermarket to sell online in Portugal, in 2001, and the 1st European brand to open a store without cashiers, queues or product registration, ‘Continente Labs’. The brand is now the first food retailer to develop its own instant delivery service in Portugal.

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