Continente is the first retailer to launch a ‘Boneless Roast Chicken’ in its brand’s stores’ take away service, with a RRP of €3.99 per serving, and three options of accompanying sauces: mustard and honey, barbecue or lemon.

The new ‘Boneless Roast Chicken’, of national origin, is on sale in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores troughout mainland Portugal. Fresh chicken thighs are completely cleaned of cartilage and bones and served in small portions (240g serving), allowing for practical tasting (finger food) and the possibility of sharing.

Keep only the best part’ is the new ‘Boneless Roast Chicken’ communication campaign’s signature, which aims to respond to a consumer food trend, through a very practical, disruptive and convenient meal solution, allowing for combining it with several different side dishes.

Before reaching the stores, the meat rests in a simple and traditionally Portuguese marinade made from lemon and orange, fresh garlic, bay leaf, salt and pepper and is then grilled at a high temperature (280ºC), leaving the skin toasted and crispy, in a process similar to the preparation of barbecue chicken.

The simple lemon sauce is our barbecue chicken’s signature flavour; the barbecue and fried onion sauce is ideal for those who prefer a stronger flavour; and the honey and mustard sauce is a classic combination, with a sophisticated flavour, to which the almond texture is added.

Continente has invested heavily to ensure that consumers are offered products that stand out for their quality and innovation, always at the lowest prices. The brand launches an average of one product a day, every day, favouring national production and continuously improving the products’ nutritional composition, without neglecting environmental sustainability.

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