‘To each customer, their own Continente’ is Continente’s Personalized Brochures multimedia campaign’s concept, which starts today on TV, radio, digital and across the stores. Launched in pilot mode in 2020, the personalized brochures are now available to all families who are Continente Card users.

The campaign, which was carried out by Fuel and produced by More Maria, explains Continente’s Personalized Brochures, where only the products that each customer likes and usually buys show up, always at the lowest prices, as if each customer had their own Continente: a supermarket made and thought just for you.

The campaign’s film shows a new Continente being built and customers interacting with the foreman in charge of the work, suggesting that this store should only have the aisles and sections for the products they prefer. But, as ‘To each customer, their own Continente’, opinions differ and there is no consensus.

To respond to this desire for personalization, each individual brochure is created featuring the products that the customer usually buys and that are on sale that week, thus displaying the best opportunities. By scanning a QR code, available on all campaign materials, customers can access their Personalized Brochure, provided they have the Continente Card App installed, where the brochure is permanently available (and is updated weekly).

Continente’s Personalized Brochures were distinguished last month by the ‘Modern Retail Awards’, in the ‘Best Personalization Strategy’ category, which establishes the best that is done worldwide in terms of personalization, and won double ‘Gold’ in the ‘Comunicação Meios & Publicidade 2021’ Awards. Last November, Continente’s Personalized Brochures already had received the ‘Gold’ award in the ‘Efficacy Awards’, in the ‘Distribution and Catering’ category, being distinguished as the best in national retail.

This service’s personalization is achieved through the processing of data captured via the Continente Card, as well as the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies. The data includes information related to customer purchases, product-level information and the relation between the customer and each product, resulting in a combination of hundreds of variables. Among the main advantages of this personalization are a more organized shopping experience and the added savings possibility, adapted to the real needs of each customer.

Continente is the leading food retail brand in Portugal, recognized in the dynamism and innovation territories and with a solid path in digital disruption, in line with global trends. In addition to being the first supermarket to sell online in Portugal, in 2001, it was the first European brand in the world to open a store without queues, cashiers or product registration – Continente Labs.

‘To each customer, their own Continente’ campaign’s Data sheet:
Creative Director: João Madeira
Copywriter: Sofia Menezes
Art director: Tanja Costa
Production Director: Pedro Silva
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account Supervisor: Catarina Anacleto

More Maria
Director: Diana Antunes
DOP: André Szankowski
Executive Producer: Alexandra Dias
Production Director: Marcia Meireles
Assistant Director: Paulo Rebelo (Bilu)
Production Manager: Luís Gonçalves
Art Director: Rui Pina
Wardrobe: WeareNaev
Makeup: Andy Dyo
Image: Silvia Diogo
Lighting: Pedro Gomes
Machinery: Balia
Sound: Cyril Santos
Post Production Coordinator: Ricardo Montez
Editor: Julio Lobo
Online Post Production: Mário Gaspar | Light Films
Colour Grading: Paulo Inês | Light Films
Sound Studio: Indigo
Voiceover: Pedro Acabado

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