Available in physical stores as well as online until July 31st, the KASA Spring-Summer 2022 catalogue features two new exclusive collections and several novelties such as cast iron casserole pots - inspired by French chefs’ favourites -, ecological and vegan scented candles, fun kitchen utensils and increasingly sustainable home textiles, in addition to the furniture range, for every room in the house.

Highlighted, are the ecological scented candles, made from reused materials, from the inside to the packaging. They are presented in glass cups made from cut bottles and cans, which can be reused after being used. 100% nationally produced, these are available in five pleasant fragrances. Among this more sustainable offer, the new vegan soy wax candles also stand out, which burn slower and produce 90% less grime than regular candles.

For the kitchen, inspired by the best chefs, the catalogue features French-inspired cast iron casserole pots. These cook evenly, keeping the nutritional qualities of the food and retaining heat for longer. Available in blue and green gradients, these pots are suitable for use in the oven, gas stove, induction hob, in addition to being dishwasher safe.

The brand’s textile segment was reinforced with the addition of cotton linen sheets, easy to iron and cool for the summer, and multipurpose blankets, which can be used as sofa blankets, beach towels and table or picnic blankets. More than 80% of home textile items (bed linen, bath towels) are manufactured in Portugal, always favouring the purchase of raw materials from sustainable and certified sources.

The new KASA spring-summer 2022 catalogue is made up of two exclusive collections: the Alentejo collection, inspired by this region’s light and warmth, with a focus on Portuguese tradition and culture, through the use of blues and reds and characteristic handcrafted straw and basketry items. The Inbloom collection is inspired by the French countryside with flowers and phrases framed in floral frames, where aqua green, rice powder pink, pastel blues and yellows stand out.

For the first time, the KASA brand presents a 100% online catalogue that will be updated with news (to be updated between March and June) and collections in dynamic mode, through videos, gifs, making-offs, images and complementary information such as recipes, home decor and lifestyle tips, and with a direct link to the Continente Online website.

Our vision for KASA is to develop an increasingly specialised home items and decor brand, with superior quality that differentiates itself from other offers on the market. We are building an omnichannel brand, sold in physical stores, but also available online, accessible to everyone”, says Cristina Braga da Cruz, Director of Product Development at MC.

We want to continue to innovate, through national design and production, with the quality and affordable prices that define us. The creative process of developing a collection takes between four to five months, with dedicated and focused teams, and we are all very pleased with this catalogue’s result!” adds the official.

In terms of sustainability, the brand continues to reduce the plastic used in packaging and to replace materials in order to improve its recyclability. Since 2021, 94% of KASA products packaging is already recyclable and the brand is committed to, by the end of 2025, having all packaging being 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable.

In order to achieve this goal, we are replacing problematic plastics with more environmentally friendly materials. Last year we removed all problematic plastics from our bed linen packaging (eliminating 17 tonnes per year), introduced cardboard clothes hangers and invested in communication featuring symbols referring to the products’ recyclability, helping customers to separate the different packaging components and dispose of them in the correct recycling bin” explains Cristina Braga da Cruz.

KASA products can be ordered online at or at, and collected at Continente stores. Also in stores, through Mais Continente kiosks, KASA products can be selected and purchased, which will then be delivered directly to customers’ homes.

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