Tomato, leek and mushroom are the available flavours in the Space Food capsule soups’ range, a novelty available at Food Lab corners, in 10 Continente stores as well as online, for delivery in Lisbon and Porto. The capsules, produced in Portugal and 100% recyclable, are compatible with Dolce Gusto® machines and allow to obtain an individual soup in just 30 seconds (RRP €2.99 per 5 units pack).

For sale since the beginning of the year, the mushroom flavour is the one that has registered the most sales and had a 16% repeat purchase rate from Continente customers, in January – for every 100 customers who purchased this product, 16 repeated the purchase.

These soups, which are prepared in the same way as espresso coffee is made from a capsule at home, do not have any impact on other drinks’ taste, that is, the consumer does not need to clean the machine between preparing soups and other drinks. This innovative product is the result of a partnership between Continente and JMD, a company representing and distributing national and international brands.

In addition to capsule soups, among Continente Food Lab’s most recent novelties, True Gum (€1.99 for a pack of 16 units) stands out. A plastic free, vegan, sugar-free, 100% biodegradable chewing gum, made from the sap gum of Manilkara zapota, a tropical fruit tree that grows in the Central America jungle. These chewing gums are sweetened only with xylitol and stevia and are available in four flavours: Mint, Strong Mint, Ginger & Turmeric and Liquorice & Eucalyptus. This product is again the result of a partnership with JMD and is the most sustainable alternative to the conventional chewing gums available on the market.

Another novelty is the Qampo brand’s dried salicornia powder, an alternative to table salt. Known as “Portuguese green salt”, salicornia is a halophyte plant (salt-tolerant) that naturally has a salty taste. Available in the dehydrated powder version (RRP €6.99 per 45g pack) as well as in 3 meat, fish and pasta mixes (RRP €5.49 per 50g pack), it is produced in the Aveiro Estuary, in a natural environment, and is then dehydrated and prepared in Campo Maior.

Launched this year, the OH!Snack meat snacks are distinguished by their high protein content and for the fact that they are not fried. OH!Snack meat snacks undergo a slow drying process which gives them a refined flavour and a crunchy character, without gluten or lactose and without added aromas. These include turkey and chicken snacks, sourced from national producers. Very versatile, these can be consumed as a snack, as a protein source in main meals, as a topping in salads or pasta or as an accompany meal to hummus and other dips. They are available in four varieties: chicken bites and turkey bites (RRP €1.68) and crispy chicken chips and crispy turkey chips (RRP €1.78).

Continente Food Lab is featured in 10 hypermarkets: Continente Matosinhos, Continente Colombo, Continente Gaia Shopping, Continente Gaia Jardim, Continente Telheiras, Continente Oeiras, Continente Vasco da Gama, Continente Cascais, Continente Antas and Continente CoimbraShopping. The Greater Lisbon and Porto Areas are also covered through Continente Online.

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