Continente has 4.3 million protective masks for sale

As of today, May 8th, Continente stores have 4.3 million disposable protective masks, surgical type IIR masks, FFP2 respiratory masks and reusable protective masks available - with prices starting at € 19.99, for a box of 50 units (about € 0.40 per unit).

The availability of a range made up of several types of individual protection masks, with different characteristics, aims to meet the different customers’ needs, from general population, to professionals in frequent public contact and even health professionals. All protective masks for sale at Continente stores comply with the health authorities’ guidelines.

Due to the high demand and scarcity of supply of protective masks, there may be stock failures in some stores as well as fluctuations in sale price, fully reflecting the variation in supply prices, as Sonae MC is operating with a minimum price margin in these articles. Continente calls on its customers to understand the exceptional situation we all are experiencing.

Food Distribution has been identified as a critical service by the Government and Sonae MC is aware of its responsibility towards the country.

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