Braga’s seniors can now shop by phone

The senior population in the municipality of Braga can now order Continente Online’s shopping baskets, which are delivered to their homes, for free, in 2 working days, through the phone number +351 300 525 808. This pilot project brings Missão Continente and the Portuguese Red Cross (PRC) together, aiming to protect the elderly, the most fragile age group and the main victims of this pandemic.

Customers aged 65 or over, living in the municipality of Braga, have a new way of shopping, without leaving their homes: through the phone number (+351) 300 525 808, they can order any of the three predefined Continente Online’s shopping baskets, and without the usual delivery fee (€ 3.99). These contain essential goods, grocery items and cleaning and hygiene products, with prices between 30 € (20 items) and 21 € (14 items).

This new service makes ordering shopping easier for these customers, who usually do not have access to the Internet and / or equipment such as computers or smartphones, and also eliminates the need to create an online account. Payment can be made via MBWay, by themselves, a family member, friend, caregiver or anyone else, to avoid the inevitable contact when using cash payment.

These calls are managed by a call center created specifically for this purpose, whose implementation and management, at no cost, is this initiative’s other two partners’ responsibility: ManpowerGroup and GoContact. GoContact has provided the technological solution, providing and configuring the omnichannel platform on which the service operates, and ManpowerGroup is the entity that supports operational management, having been responsible for forming the team of volunteers, both theirs and PRC’s, which will be answering phone calls.

Through the launch of the pilot project, the entities are studying the extension of the initiative to other municipalities in the country.

Continente has implemented more measures to support senior customers under the COVID-19 pandemic contingency plan and the General Health Directorate’s guidelines for the protection of older people. In addition to the priority at the entrance and in the service areas of Continente stores, they also do not pay home delivery fees for their purchases, at participating stores.

Food Distribution has been identified as a critical service by the Government and Sonae MC is aware of its responsibility towards the country.

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