Missão Continente supports national culture’s artists and technicians

Missão Continente continues to promote concerts with national artists and bands, in venues across the country, whose tickets were awarded to customers who bought more vouchers as part of the 'All for All' solidarity campaign, which took place in all Continente and Meu Super stores, as well as on Continente Online.

Supporting and promoting Portuguese culture and artistic activity, deeply affected by the pandemic, was one of the objectives of the largest solidarity campaign ever by Missão Continente – ‘All For All’. The campaign gathered 1.2 million euros in food products, which added to the 150 thousand kilograms donated by Missão Continente and which allowed to help more than 500 thousand people with economic difficulties due to the pandemic.

Missão Continente brought together 11 national artists and bands - Jorge Palma, Salvador Sobral, GNR, Clã, Marta Ren, Fernando Daniel, Bárbara Tinoco, Jimmy P, Camané, Capicua and Calema - and scheduled shows in various venues across the country. Salvador Sobral and Jorge Palma have already taken the stage in January and the remaining artists will perform, in this month of May, the shows that were rescheduled due to the state of national emergency”.

The solidarity vouchers initiative, which took place in all Continente stores across the country, also had the mission of supporting and promoting Portuguese culture and artistic activity, deeply affected by the pandemic, through the promotion of concerts throughout the country. Tickets were awarded to those customers who purchased more vouchers. The names of the winners can be found at todosportodos.continente.pt.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Missão Continente has responded to numerous requests for help, through the donation of food, non-food, hygiene and personal protection products to thousands of entities, including hospitals, municipalities, firefighters, solidarity institutions, aimed at people in vulnerable situations and health and safety professionals who remain at the forefront. Through the ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘All for All’ campaigns, Missão Continente also distributed around 2 million euros.

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