Continente hits theatres

Continente is the first advertiser to occupy the breaks in movie theatres in Portugal.  Resulting from a partnership developed with NOS Publicidade, Continente is the first brand to screen commercials during movie breaks, since until now these were only aired before the session.

By doing so, Continente, one of the largest advertisers in Portugal, is once again on the frontline of innovation through the introduction of a new ad format that will allow the brand to keep up with consumer habits and behaviors.

Tiago Simões, Continente’s Marketing Diretor, says “this innovation reflects Continente’s ambition in the development and implementation of new concepts and disruptive approaches that put us closer to Portuguese habits. The creation of this format represents a milestone in the national advert panorama and we believe our contents will be well received by viewers”.

Miguel Raposo Magalhães, Commercial Director for NOS Publicidade, a NOS group company, added that “the movie theatre is a privileged space to communicate with consumers for its evident effectiveness. Due to its characteristics, it’s a natural stage for brands and is a unique opportunity to communicate in a disruptive way. And Continente, as a national brand of reference, had the wit and boldness to join NOS Publicidade in this innovation.”

Until the 27th of February, Continente’s advertisements will be aired during exhibition session breaks, in 213 screens across the country, in the following NOS movie theatres:

Lisbon: Almada Fórum, Alvaláxia, Amoreiras, Cascais Shopping, Colombo, Dolce Vita Miraflores, Odivelas Strada, Oeiras Parque and Vasco da Gama.
Oporto: Alameda Shop & Spot, Gaia Shopping, Maia Shopping, Mar Shopping, Norte Shopping and Parque Nascente.
North: Braga Parque, Ferrara Plaza and Nosso Shopping.
Centre: Alma Shopping, Arena Shopping, Évora Shopping, Fórum Coimbra, Fórum Montijo, Fórum Viseu, FozPlaza, Glicínias and Palácio do Gelo.
South: Fórum Algarve, Tavira Plaza and Mar Shopping Algarve.
Madeira I01sland: Fórum Madeira.

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