Sonae MC signs “Portugal Sou Eu” Ministry of Economy’s Protocol

Sonae MC and AEP, that integrates the governing body of the program, signed today the protocol of accession to “Portugal Sou Eu”, in a ceremony presided by the Minister in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, the Municipal Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, AEP’s President, Paulo Nunes de Almeida and Sonae MC’s CEO, Luís Moutinho, this morning in Matosinhos (Oporto).

The program, promoted by the Ministry of Economy, aims to enhance national production though the “Portugal Sou Eu” brand, which identifies Portuguese origin products with a high index of national incorporation through a distinct seal in the respective package thus promoting informed consumption behavior for customers.

The ceremony took place in Matosinhos’ Continente store and included a visit to identify some of the products that possess the seal already, amongst which are eggs, gelatins, soups, rice, milk, sauces, pastas, tuna and olive oil references.

By doing so, Sonae MC joins the movement that wants to involve all civil society in the valuation of Portuguese production, whether via incentives to national producers or via consumer awareness, by identifying quality products prevenient from national territory.

Throughout the past decades, Sonae MC has been developing a close and proficuous relationship with suppliers and partners, promoting a sustained growth on national production, capitalizing raw materials and propelling the economy, industry and job creation.

A clear example of the investment is Continente’s sales volume of national products: 34% of private label food products – excluding fresh and biological goods – are Portuguese and represent 64% of brand’s total sales volume.

The “Portugal Sou Eu” seal is attributed to the products and services based on national incorporation criteria, brands and patents, national employment and national company’s value added.

Around 3.400 companies and 1.200 establishments are registered in the “Portugal Sou Eu” program. Over 10 thousand products and services are distinguished with the “Portugal Sou Eu” seal, representing, altogether, an aggregated business volume superior to 12 thousand million euro.

Most of these products are patented and/or brand registered, with 57% of these belonging to the F&B industry and 23% corresponding to handicraft activities.

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