Folding Sand Buckets at Continente

Folding sand buckets, swimming pools, inflatables, barbecues, bicycles, backpacks and lunch boxes are some of the highlighted items in another edition of the "Continente Summer Holidays" Market, which runs until July 25th, in all stores across the country as well as online, with direct discounts from 20% up to 60%.

Last year, the Market registered a 15% increase in turnover and a demand for items such as swimming pools that surpassed all expectations, with 9 times more demand, coinciding with the heat wave. This year, the Market features several options for swimming pools, inflatable buoys and mattresses, large toys, trampolines and beach accessories – sand buckets, inflatable armbands, sun loungers, thermal bags/cases, chairs and umbrellas.

“Continente Summer Holidays” Market’s highlight is the folding sand bucket, made from a light and soft material, easy and safe to handle for children. The fact that it is collapsible, in addition to making it easy to transport, also allows for convenient storage throughout the rest of the year. It is possible to use it even to organize the children's rooms, to place Legos or other small pieces or even to place writing material on the study table. At the Market, there is also a wide range of inflatable and colourful ZOKO buoys, which aim to provide moments of fun for children and adults alike.

balde de praia dobravel e outros brinquedos para levar para a

The summer months coincide with traditional barbecues for outdoor gatherings and their respective complements, such as Continente's vegetable smokeless charcoal and ecological firelighters. The vegetable smokeless charcoal is produced in Portugal and, in addition to not releasing toxins, is obtained through invasive plants and territorial weeds, using acacia as a raw material. The ecological firelighters emit less smoke and last for a long time.

In these barbecues, it is possible to opt for the practicality of disposable tableware from the KASA brand, which reduced plastics by 340 tonnes and replaced its items by wood, paper or new plastic offers ranges (for recurrent use).

The catalogue also includes a parasol with built-in LED lighting, an exclusive product only available online at and which guarantees the ambience of any terrace or garden.

This annual Market has a dedicated space in all Continente stores, where a wide variety of beach, pool and garden items are available.

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