Continente’s Book Market returns with discounts of up to 50%

From the 28th of June to the 18th of July, another edition of the ‘Continente Book Market’ will take place, with more than 1800 books with discounts of up to 50%, in all the brand's stores and online.

Continente's Book Market offers its customers a wide range of books, from novels, detective stories, literary classics, national and international bestsellers, to the latest news and not forgetting cookbooks and health and well-being books.

We highlight the range of exclusive children's books from €0.99, such as the storybooks "Histórias sem Tempo" (“Stories without Time”) or "Emoções" (“Emotions”), "Trajes" (“Costumes”), "Bonecas" (“Dolls”) by Zoko, featured in an exclusive children's literature and knowledge space in Continente’s Book Market, or Disney's “Contos Solidários” (“Solidarity Tales”) whose each sale reverts €0.50 to institutions.

“Encontrei o Amor onde menos esperava” (“I found Love where I least expected”) by Fátima Lopes, “Foste a maneira mais bonita de errar” (“You were the most beautiful way to make mistakes”) by Pedro Chagas Freitas, “As Receitas - O Poder do Jejum Intermitente” (“The Recipes - The Power of Intermittent Fasting”) by Alexandra Vasconcelos, “A Ordem” (“The Order”) by Daniel Silva and “Hey, tu consegues!” (“Hey, you can!") by Inês Teixeira, are some examples of literary novelties that have a dedicated space in all Continente stores.

Continente has been experiencing an increase in demand for books, since the limitation previously imposed on the sale of books in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Continente Online quadrupled sales when compared to the previous year.

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