Continente favours national seasonal fruits and vegetables

Algarve’s, West’s and North Coast’s Round Tomato, Alentejo’s and Ribatejo’s Nectarines and White Melon and Algarve’s, Alentejo’s and Ribatejo’s Seedless Black Watermelon are the star products of Continente’s Fresh Products campaign, which started this week, and which highlights the season’s national fruits and vegetables for sale in Continente stores.

“Our fruits and vegetables come at Nature’s Flavour” is the concept of the campaign dedicated to Continente’s fresh products and which runs until July 11th, stressing that national fruits and vegetables for sale in Continente stores are always ready and great for consumption, that is, when they are tastier and with better quality. In addition, the fact that they are produced locally, contributes to more sustainable food systems, through short supply chains and development of the local and regional economy.

This is Continente’s fresh products campaign’s 3rd film and it aims to convey the brand's respect for nature, its seasonality and sustainable practices, which guarantee the quality and flavour of fresh products - meat, fish, fruit and vegetables - on sale at Continente stores and always at the lowest prices. The TV film portrays a trip to several places in our country, from where fresh products originate, with voice by Eduardo Rêgo, the well-known voice of nature and wildlife documentaries. The multimedia campaign is designed by Fuel.

"In line with the concept created for this campaign - a concept that dignifies all the categories of our fresh offer, that shows respect for Nature, seasonality, sustainable and natural practices, ensuring the best quality and best flavours – we have now launched the third communication wave dedicated to fruit and vegetables” reveals Tiago Simões, Sonae MC’s Marketing Director, about the new campaign.

“Over the last few years, a favourable evolution in the sale of fresh products in Continente stores has been recognized. This growth in sales results, in the first place, from the commitment to the quality of the products sold in Continente stores and which result from the partnership work that Sonae MC has carried out for many years with Portuguese producers”, continues the Sonae MC’s official.

In 2021, Continente will increase the purchase of tomatoes from domestic producers by 3%, compared to 2020, with the acquisition of 2,000 tonnes of national round tomatoes to be sold in all the brand’s stores until October, and will also purchase from domestic producers 32% more nectarine, 17% more black watermelon and 6% more white melon, compared to the previous year.

In addition to the economic contribution, by choosing seasonal national fruits and vegetables, we take greater advantage of their nutritional benefits. Tomatoes are low in energy and low in sugar, but high in fiber. They are a source of vitamin C and potassium, making them an excellent option to accompany meals or even as a snack at other times of the day. Being rich in lycopene, a natural substance with a high antioxidant power, its consumption protects cells from unwanted oxidation.

Nectarines are a source of vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that helps protect cells against unwanted oxidation. In addition to being rich in fiber, they are also high in vitamin C, a vitamin that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and helps to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system, including during and after intense physical exercise.

Seedless black watermelon has low energy value and is rich in fiber. Made up of 93% water, it is a typical summer fruit - refreshing, tasty and very moisturizing. Seedless Black Watermelon is crunchy and very sweet. On the other hand, White Melon will always have a smooth, juicy and sweet pulp. With low energy value, it is an excellent source of fiber, Vitamin A and rich in Vitamin C.

“The pandemic reinforced the importance of buying nationally or locally and, consequently, placing more emphasis on short supply chains. However, local production has always been one of the Continente Producers Club’s main lines of action, explains Tiago Simões.

The Continente Producers Club’s goal is to make national products of excellence available to customers, resulting from a partnership work with producers, supported by technical-scientific knowledge and which aligns the offer with consumer trends. The Club is also committed to supporting local production, to small-scale producers, managing to supply some stores in the Continente retail chain, translating into an offer of “Products of the Region”.

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