Continente’s Facebook is leader in southern Europe

Continente's facebook page again registered the best performance results, among all brands in the southern European retail category, according to the SocialBakers’ platform report, referring to the first quarter of 2021.

Despite having the largest number of interactions in a total of 157 posts during this period, Continente is not the brand that publishes the most on this social network, which reveals a high level of engagement due to the average number of interactions per post, at around 4,300 per day. In this year’s first quarter, Continente totalled 386,271 interactions in its profile page, surpassing retailers in markets such as Spain or Italy, which have a much higher posting total.

According to Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC “at a time when conviviality and meetings remain restrained, technology has helped bridge the distance and social networks have the power to keep us together, to connect and foster sharing (figuratively and literally). The latest results from SocialBakers make us proud, not only because this is a very competitive market, but, above all, because they are a sign that our strategy to stay close to our customers makes sense.”

The SocialBakers report also shows that, in this year’s first quarter, retail was the second most dynamic category on Facebook, that is, with brands that registered more interactions, just behind the e-commerce category and surpassing others such as automobile, fashion, beauty, or consumer goods. Retail in Southern Europe also grew in terms of the number of followers, both on Facebook and Instagram.

Socialbakers is a global marketing and social media platform that operates based on artificial intelligence systems. SocialBakers’ services are used by brands such as McDonald's, L'Oréal and Desigual for marketing on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, VK and Pinterest.

Continente’s Facebook page currently has more than 2 million followers.

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