Continente eliminates microplastics in cosmetics

Until the end of the year, Continente will eliminate microplastics in its private label hygiene and beauty products, in a decision that extends to the exclusive brand MyLABEL, which currently offers a range with more than 300 cosmetic products in the face, body and hair care categories.

This decision by Sonae MC precedes the measure now approved by the Government, in the State Budget for 2021, which aims to ban the sale of cosmetic products and detergents containing microspheres or microplastics.

Often used to give opacity to transparent formulas and make them creamier, or in exfoliation products, microplastics are small particles, less than 5 millimetres, with a high environmental impact. Microplastics have the ability to absorb toxic products such as pesticides or heavy metals and their ingestion by marine animals can extend through the food chain to the human body.

Microplastics eliminated in cosmetic products are, in some cases, replaced by alternatives of plant origin. In exfoliants, for example, the microspheres come from fruit cores, such as apricots or cherries, instead of the usual polyethylene microspheres.

For Tânia Lucas, responsible for the MyLABEL brand, “we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that microplastics are not used in our products and, whenever necessary, the incorporation of plant alternatives that guarantee their quality.”

Continente's commitment is to anticipate, by 2025, the ambition defined by the European Union, for 2030, to reduce or even eliminate the use of plastic materials of fossil origin, in its products and packaging.

In 2019, Continente reached a savings level of 4.2 thousand tonnes of virgin plastic. This amount represents a growth of 90% in relation to the 2.2 thousand tonnes / year announced in April 2019 on the Responsible Plastic platform. Continente has invested in the transition to a circular economy of plastics in products and packaging, and is eliminating unnecessary and problematic plastics, incorporating recycled plastics and promoting the recycling of these packaging, privileging the use of recyclable plastics and sensitizing consumers to the importance of recycling. Since the beginning of the year, Continente has been placing in all its packages a set of instructions that explain how to recycle each product, in a project developed jointly with ‘Sociedade Ponto Verde’.

MyLABEL, with a range of more than 300 references, remains committed to the development of innovative products for women who like to take care of themselves and guarantees the best care for face, body, hair and makeup, with variety, affordable prices and proven quality, as attested by the several distinctions achieved by the brand.

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