International Recycling Day

Continente ECO brand’s Customers saved, in 2022, 792,775 kg of wood, 5,781 trees and 8,225,507 litres of water. This is the data obtained from the sale of the Continente ECO brand’s five paper products – toilet paper, kitchen paper towels and paper napkins – last year, and disclosed within the scope of the International Recycling Day.

Based on these positive impacts are 147,441 packages of toilet paper (equivalent to 2.6 million rolls), 183,391 packages of kitchen towel logs (1.4 million rolls) and 124,093 packages of paper napkins.

Continente ECO is Continente’s brand of ecological products for household cleaning, clothing and paper, which combines environmental sustainability with efficiency and affordable prices. Continente ECO toilet paper was recently distinguished in the “Product of the Year 2023” awards.

The range includes more than 15 references, from paper products - kitchen towels, napkins, and toilet paper -, to kitchen cleaning - detergent and grease remover -, laundry cleaning - detergent -, and home cleaning - toilet gel , all-purpose cleaner, cleaning cream and window cleaner. These are environmentally friendly products, produced with sustainable raw materials, biodegradable ingredients (detergents and paper) and in packaging made from recycled and recyclable material.

One of Continente’s major commitments is to anticipate, by 2025, the ambition defined by the European Union for 2030, that all the brand’s plastic packaging placed on the market is reusable or can be recyclable in an economically efficient way. In addition to the commitment to have all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable, Continente also assumes the mission of incorporating at least 30% recycled plastic in all packaging that incorporates this material, by 2025.

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