“A diaper that is as friendly to the baby as it is to the environment” is the signature of the new ‘Continente do Bébé Cuidado Ecológico’ (Ecological Care) diapers, which are designed to be more sustainable, from the raw materials to the production process, not forgetting the packaging.

 Formulated without the use of chlorine, perfume, natural latex or lotions, and with a natural inner lining made from corn and sugar cane; produced using “green” electricity, and packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, this new range of diapers guarantees up to 12 hours of protection and is certified by OEKO-TEX, FSC and EU Ecolabel:

The OEKO-TEX certification carries out tests in independent institutes that verify the absence of more than 100 undesirable substances, guaranteeing textiles that are safe for the baby’s skin;

In turn, the FSC certification guarantees that the pulp used is of certified origin, coming from sustainably managed forests;

These two certifications join the EU Ecolabel seal, which guarantees compliance with the most demanding criteria at all stages of product manufacturing, following a circular economy principle, making it ‘green’ inside and out and always having the best performance.

The ‘Cuidado Ecológico’ (Ecological Care) diapers are available in three different sizes at a RRP of €5.79: size 3 (4-10kg), size 4 (9-15kg) and size 5 (13-18kg).

At Continente, we realise that consumers are increasingly demanding, not only with the quality or price of products, but also with their ecological footprint. The ‘Cuidado Ecológico’ (Ecological Care) diapers are the ‘Continente do Bebé’ brand’s latest novelty, designed to provide a specialist range of food, hygiene and care products for your baby, designed and adapted to each growth stage. This range is a more environmentally friendly solution, and we are very proud to continue to surprise our customers and offer the highest quality products at the best price”, explains Tânia Lucas, Private Labels’ Commercial Director at MC.

The ‘Continente do Bebé’ range meets strict quality, efficacy, nutrition and sustainability criteria and was developed in partnership with several specialists.

Continente is committed to being at the side of families with products developed specifically for the needs of both babies and their parents, from day one, which reflect the private label’s important role in democratizing access to products of the highest quality and effectiveness.

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