‘Saco ZUlidário’ once again supports animal wellbeing

Imagine a solidarity action in which you just use the shopping bag and you are helping an animal support and welfare association. It is within this principle that the ‘Saco ZUlidário’ (Solidarity Bag) was created, as an initiative by ZU, in which whenever purchases are made in the brand’s stores (minimum value of €5), the store contributes 50 cents towards an association.

In the first year, Sonae MC’s specialized retail brand sold more than 2,500 bags, whose reuse by customers resulted in the donation of €1,800 to three associations. Recently, a bag with a new design was launched and, until August 31st, voting is open here so that everyone can again choose which associations will be supported by this action.

“Given the success of the initiative, which was and continues to be very much appreciated by our customers, we have now launched a bag with a new design, which can be customized as it can be painted to the taste of each user”, says Ana Cardoso, commercial director at ZU. “In addition to its social solidarity aspect, the ‘Saco ZUlidário’ also aims to reduce the use of plastic in our stores. It is made out of 100% cotton, which allows it to be reused and ensures the strength needed to support, for instance, a bag of food or cat litter”, adds the official.

The ‘Saco Zulidário’ is for sale (RRP: €3.5) at 40 ZU stores across the country. To contribute towards this social action, it is enough for customers, whenever they returns to shop at the brand’s stores, to take the bag along and make a minimum purchase of €5. Until August 31st, online voting is available here, in which customers will have the opportunity to elect one of the animal support and welfare associations selected by ZU for this solidarity action.

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