Continente Card App reached 35 million transactions in stores

Over the last 12 months, the Continente Card App reached 35 million transactions in stores that are part of the card’s loyalty program, and allowed the already 2 million users to benefit from around 96 million euros in Card discounts. It was on the 21st of July that the no. 2 million user installed the App, which earned them a 200 euro prize in Continente Card.

Updated in February 2018, the Continente Card App’s purpose was to improve the Continente Card’s value proposition beyond the discount coupons. That objective was achieved with the launch of the Electronic Invoice, which has already saved more than 6 thousand trees; of Continente Pay, which facilitates and simplifies payments in Continente stores and, more recently, the introduction of gamification mechanics such as the ‘Roda de Aniversário’ (Birthday Wheel), ‘Roda dos Frescos’ (Fresh Produce Wheel), ‘Natal Cartão Continente’ (Continente Card Christmas), ‘Cartão da Sorte’ (Lucky Card), ‘Caça aos Ovos’ (Egg Hunt) and ‘Jackpot Santos Populares’ (Popular Saints Jackpot), which gifted almost 10 million prizes.

The Continente Card is the Largest Discount Card in the country and can currently be used in more than two thousand points of sale, with exclusive discounts in a wide network of partners, in diversified areas who, like Continente, believe in its added value for Portuguese families. We highlight the exclusive discounts at Continente and Continente Online stores and at partner brands such as: ‘Galp’, ‘Wells’, ‘MO’, ‘Meu Super’, ‘Zippy’, ‘Bagga’, ‘note!’, ‘Go Natural’, ‘ZU’, ‘Pizza Hut’, ‘Pans&Company’, ‘KFC’, ‘Pasta Caffé’, ‘Miit’ , ‘Burger King’, ‘SOL’, ‘TacoBell’, ‘Home Story’, ‘’ and ‘TAP Miles & Go’.

In addition, the Continente Card App, which allows customers to use all the Continente Card’s benefits via mobile phone, allows the recovery of post-purchase coupons, the consultation of transactions as well as ‘Continente Pay’ payments.

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