“Can’t go without saving? Save even more with the Continente Card App” is the concept of the brand’s new campaign, which aims to demonstrate its loyalty card’s numerous benefits. Continente Card already has around 4 million families taking advantage of its benefits and 1.5 million customers using the respective app.

The new Continente Card campaign, created by Fuel, is present on television, radio, outdoors and digital media. This campaign’s main focus is to reinforce the savings benefit in Continente stores and in the stores of hundreds of partners and, at the same time, show the simplicity with which these savings are made available to the customer, in digital form.

The Continente Card App is synonymous with utility and convenience, and the new campaign intends to communicate this, through a concept that portrays family situations in which the App is present, with a twist in the roles between parents and children, which gives it a distinguished and cheerful tone.

There are three stories in the new campaign, which start from a real and highly relatable insight. Here, teenagers, who are known to spend all their time on their mobile phones, scold their parents for being attached to their screens, for, because of the Continente Card App, adults also don’t put down their phones when it’s time to save, so they don’t miss any discounts.

The Continente Card is the Largest Discount Card in the country and can currently be used in more than two thousand points of sale, with exclusive discounts in a wide network of partners, in diversified areas who, like Continente, believe in its added value for Portuguese families. We highlight the exclusive discounts at Continente and Continente Online stores and at partner brands such as: ‘Galp’, ‘Wells’, ‘MO’, ‘Meu Super’, ‘Zippy’, ‘Bagga’, ‘note!’, ‘Go Natural’, ‘ZU’, ‘Pizza Hut’, ‘Pans&Company’, ‘KFC’, ‘Pasta Caffé’, ‘Miit’ , ‘Burger King’, ‘SOL’, ‘TacoBell’, ‘Home Story’, ‘’ and ‘TAP Miles & Go’.

The Continente Card App, which allows customers to use all the Continente Card’s benefits via mobile phone, allows the recovery of post-purchase coupons and ‘Continente Pay’ payments.

Campaign videos – link 1, link 2 and link 3


Agency: Fuel
Creative Director: João Madeira da Silva
Creative Supervisors: Rita Carmo and Rúben Santos
Copywriter: Joana Cavaleiro
Art Director: Ana Carvalho
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account: Madalena Rosa
Production Consultants - pro(u)d
Photography and Post-Production: Frederico Van Zeller
Assistant Photographer: Vasco ASC Monteiro
Producer: el-Hey
Director: Miguel Coimbra
DoP: Carlos Lopes aka Káka
Executive Producer: Miguel Coimbra
Chief Production: Manuel Barbosa
Contact: Inês Santos
Chief Financial Officer: António Selas
1st Assistant Director: Luís Lisboa
2nd Assistant Director: Mónica Lima
1st Image Assistant: António Ribeiro (Tozé)
2nd Image Assistant: José Pedroso
Video Assist: Tomás Sacramento
Sound Director: João Gazua
Streaming: Nuno Bouça
Art Direction: Carina Gaspar
Propists: Leonor Sousa, Marta Tenório, Marianne Harlé
Plateau Assistant: João Luís Almeida
Wardrobe: Carolina Queirós Machado
Wardrobe Assistant: Cristina Homem
MakeUp & Hair: Marija Pavlovich
MakeUp Assistant: Jaime Gomes
Production Assistant: Gonçalo Pina
Production Support: MasterVan Marco Marcelino
Catering: Start Catering
Chief Electrician: António Milheiro
Chief Engineer: Marco Paulo
Post-Production Image: Musgo Studio
Editing: Sergio Pedro
Grading: Amaral / Yellow Color
Audio Post Production: Indigo
Music: The Great Dane / Mikkel Solnado

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