Continente avoids the waste of over 300 tonnes of food

In under 3 years, Continente customers have already ‘saved’ over 360 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, through the purchase of Zer0% Desperdício (Zer0% Waste) boxes, made up of fruits and vegetables that are close to exceeding their optimal point of consumption.

Since the beginning of this project, at the end of 2019, more than 71 thousand of these boxes have already been sold. For sale in all Continente stores, the purpose of Zer0% Desperdício (Zer0% Waste) boxes is to avoid food waste, raising customer awareness with products in excellent consumption conditions and at a lower price.

In 2021 alone, 290 tonnes of fruits and vegetables were ‘saved’, which translates in to the sale of more than 47 thousand Zer0% Desperdício (Zer0% Waste) boxes. This year, so far, more than 15,000 boxes have already been sold and, thus, 75 tonnes of wasted fruits and vegetables have been avoided.

The Zer0% Desperdício (Zer0% Waste) Boxes, weighing 5kg, are for sale in Continente stores’ fresh produce areas​​, subject to stock availability, for a price of €0.50/kg. The boxes’ contents are selected by Continente’s collaborators, who only ‘redeem’ those products that continue to meet the brand’s quality and freshness standards, but that are close to losing their commercial value for aesthetic reasons, for example, but remaining great for consumption.

Continente, as a retailer, plays a fundamental role in the fight against food waste, contributing to set an example and encourage customers, employees and suppliers to play an active role in this task that is everyone’s responsibility. Our goal is to reach ‘0 (zero) waste’, that is, to avoid the waste of any food that is able to be consumed", says David Monteiro, Commercial Director of Fruits and Vegetables at Continente.

In addition to this project, the brand is taking advantage of the waste generated in the production of PGI apples and pears by transforming them into dehydrated fruit snacks, which sell for €0.69 each 20g pack, but also through the sale of natural juices, that only take these squeezed fruits, without any added sugar or water, such as the 1.5l 100% Alcobaça apple juice for €2.99.

Continente has been working on circular economy projects and the fight against waste, by creating products such as sweets & chutneys made from fruits and vegetables that lost their commercial validity, but are transformed and gain new life; the Panana, a cake rich in manganese, made with the pulp of bananas that people no longer want to take from the stores; and Bread Beer, a craft beer developed together with ‘Vadia’, produced with surplus bread from Continente’s bakeries.

Also in order to avoid breakdowns and contribute to a more sustainable planet, Continente stores donate surplus food, daily, to social solidarity and animal support institutions. In 2021, more than 21 million euros in food surpluses were donated to 1,448 institutions across the country.

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