With hot summer days in mind, Continente reinforces its bet on exclusive Rosé Wines and the new Portuguese low-alcohol wine, with only 7.5% alcohol. The novelties will be highlighted during the month of August, with direct discounts of up to 70%.


‘Cancellus Premium DOC Douro Rosé wine’, fresh and enveloping, with a lively acidity with persistent raspberry notes (€9.99); ‘Albenaz Escadaria Maior DOC Douro Rosé wine’, with a complex and elegant flavour, fresh and gastronomic (€12.99); ‘Albenaz Jardim Secreto Escolha DOC Vinho Verde Rosé’, with light toasted flavours and vanilla (€12.99); ‘Mocho Galego Premium Regional Alentejo Rosé wine’, a ‘sweet-tooth’, but with a crunchy acidity (€9.99); and ‘Quinta da Pedra Cavada DOC Douro Rosé wine’, fresh and tense, but also broad and dry (€7.99) are five exclusive Rosé Wines from Continente, with discounts ranging from 50% to 70%.


Another highlight is the Portuguese low-alcohol wine, with only 7.5% alcohol, for sale exclusively in Continente’s wine cellars - ‘Villa do Mar Low Alcohol Regional Lisboa White’ (€5.99). With a floral flavour and strong acidity, this wine won the innovation award from the Continente Producers Club. During this month, this wine can also be found in stores, together with a 50% direct discount.


The support for national production, as well as making the best that is produced in the various national wine regions available to all our customers, is at the root of the work that Continente has been developing over the years.


All information about prizes, prices, discounts, types of wine, region, and intensity, as well as the type of dishes that are ideal to accompany and even the best way to store the product is available at

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