Bom João: Continente invests € 8.5M in Faro

Continente opens today a new store in Bom João, Faro, creating 58 new jobs in the region, in an investment of € 8.5M. The new Continente Bom Dia Faro Bom João store, with cafeteria and Well's services, guarantees all safety measures to protect both customers and employees.

Open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, the new space has about 1280m2 of sales area and offers a range of thousands of products, including Continente’s private label and the brands that usually make up the basket of Portuguese choices. This opening reinforces the brand's commitment to the municipality of Faro, which now has 3 stores, and a total of 19 stores in the district.

Continente Bom Dia Faro Bom João presents itself as a reference space in the environmental aspect with self-consumption photovoltaic power plants, in order to minimize the space's carbon footprint. Consumers are also able to use reusable bags when buying fruit, vegetables or bakeries and find 0% waste boxes for sale, with 5 kg of fruits and vegetables in good consumption conditions, but close to the limit of their useful life, for 0.50 €/kg. We also highlight the fresh and seasonal products always available, from fruits and vegetables, to the bakery, butcher and fishmonger that the store offers, with regional products.

The opening of the space is marked by a 10% discount on Continente Card campaign, throughout the store, between the 15th and 18th of July.

The local population and institutions in the region will be able to rely on the social intervention initiatives by Missão Continente, now energized by this new store. Continente Bom Dia Faro Bom João will support the institutions ‘PRAVI - Support for Helpless Victims’, ‘MAPS - Support Movement for the Aids Problem’ and ‘Refood Faro’ with its daily food surplus. In the store’s surrounding area of influence, 2 more social solidarity institutions will be supported*.

In the environmental front, it is also worth highlighting the availability of equipment where consumers can deposit used cooking oil, used batteries and cork stoppers, which will later be taken for recycling. In terms of lighting, the store has 100% LED low-consumption light bulbs, and also equipment to control and reduce potential excessive water consumption.

About Continente Bom Dia Faro Bom João:
Address: Avenida Aníbal Cruz Guerreiro, nº 1, 8000-016 Faro
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

About the institutions supported with the store's daily food surplus:

  • PRAVI - Support for Helpless Victims Project- PRAVI is a non-profit, social association. The Faro nucleus develops a consistent, coherent and rigorous work. It strives to rescue, house, feed and provide veterinary assistance to abandoned, or at risk, animals. It promotes sterilization and adoption campaigns, awareness raising, as well as other solidarity events. Daily, it struggles with animal abandonment, neglect and abuse.

  • MAPS - Support Movement for the Aids Problem- MAPS is a non-profit association that emerged in the mid-eighties from the informal movement of a group of volunteers to support the HIV-positive community. Its goal is to provide services to the community in the context of issues related to HIV/Aids, sexuality, drug addiction, homelessness, migrants, ethnic minorities, discriminated groups and other social emergency issues. It promotes services in the areas of prevention, treatment and social inclusion of individuals affected by the issues it is involved in, with a view to increasing life expectancy and carrying out a personal life project.

  • Refood Faro- Refood is an independent, citizen-driven, 100% voluntary, eco-humanitarian charity community that works to eliminate food waste and hunger in every neighbourhood. Refood operates in and for the community, working without pay and avoiding any and all costs or investments that do not serve its mission. Its mission is to eliminate food waste and hunger, involving the entire community in a common cause.

* Institutions supported in the store’s surrounding area of influence:

  • Irmãs Carmelitas - Carmelo Nossa Senhora Rainha do Mundo (Carmelite Sisters - Carmel Our Lady Queen of the World)

  • Caritas Diocesana do Algarve (Diocesan Caritas of the Algarve).

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