Animal Solidarity Bank collects 209 tonnes of animal products

The latest Animal Solidarity Bank’s campaigns, carried out in October and early November, in Continente stores across the country, allowed the collection of 209 tonnes of products for cats and dogs.

The donated goods were distributed to hundreds of associations and informal animal support groups and to needy families and homeless people with dependent animals enrolled in Animalife Support Programs, the Animal Solidarity Bank's promoter and organizer.

“We thank, first of all, our partners who, given the situation of social and food emergency that we face, believed in our ability to safely organize an in-store collection”, says Rodrigo Livreiro, Animalife's president.

"We are also grateful to the teams of volunteers who, despite the very difficult conditions in which the campaigns took place, allowed us to carry out these initiatives, guaranteeing the safety of everyone", he adds.

These Animal Solidarity Bank campaigns took place at a time when several associations and people in a situation of economic need are struggling with enormous difficulties in feeding the animals they are in charge of, following the pandemic of COVID-19.

“Given the worsening of the epidemiological situation, we fear that this type of support will be suspended indefinitely, which worries us, since the more than 60 thousand animals helped by the Animal Solidarity Bank need food daily and associations do not always have other means at their disposal to raise such a significant amount of feed”, says Rodrigo Livreiro.

The Animal Solidarity Bank collection usually takes place three times a year (February/March, May and September/October), in hypermarkets and supermarkets across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the shutdown of some campaigns, which was reflected in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of associations covered by the initiative.

The return to stores took place on the occasion of World Animal Day, which received the 23rd Animal Solidarity Bank’s initiative in late October and early November.

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