The ‘Flavour Of The Year 2023’ seal was awarded to 22 Continente brand products. It distinguishes quality and flavour through blind tastings by consumers. Continente Seleção’s Fondants and Salted Caramel Cream are some examples of the six products distinguished as the “Flavour of the Year Top Innovation 2023”. Continente Seleção’s pâtés and three mayonnaise varieties stood out as “Flavour of the Year Made in Portugal 2023”. In addition, five Pizza varieties and the Continente Lasagna Bolognese kept their recognition as “Flavour of the Year 2023”.

In 2021, we reinvented the ‘Continente Seleção’ brand, reviewed the products and their image and are now on a consolidation and growth path. Being awarded distinctions such as the ‘Flavour of the Year 2023’ is a recognition of this work in which we are committed to presenting customers with the best of Portugal and the World on their tables", says Tânia Lucas, Private Label Commercial Director at MC.

Originating in France, this ‘Flavour of the Year’ recognition is an award presented in the food sector, which distinguishes products of exceptional quality and taste, in order to simplify the moment of purchase for the consumer.

The ‘Flavour of the Year’ is attributed taking into account the evaluation, through blind tastings, of a group of 80 consumers who taste and approve the products taking into account a strict protocol and the guarantee of the impartiality of the tasting, evaluating 5 criteria such as taste, texture, odour, appearance and overall satisfaction. This year, the ‘Flavour of the Year’ award included more than 145 products from 40 brands, distributed across numerous categories.

Continente products distinguished by the ‘Flavour of the Year Top Innovation 2023’:

  • Mini cheesecake

  • Red Velvet Fondant

  • Chocolate fondant

  • Salted Caramel Cream 235g

  • Banoffee Cream 235g

  • Passion Fruit Curd Cream 320g

Continente products distinguished by the ‘Flavour of the Year Made in Portugal 2023’:

  • Iberian Game Pâté

  • National Honey Pâté

  • Beira Black Pudding and ‘Reineta’ Apple Pâté

  • Alioli with Chipotle

  • Mayonnaise with Wasabi

  • Sriracha Mayonnaise

  • Mustard and fig

  • Veal Pastry

  • Cuttlefish croquettes

  • Duck pie

Continente products distinguished by the “Flavour of the Year 2023”:

  • Lasagna Bolognese

  • Ham and Cheese Pizza

  • Roman Pizza

  • Carbonara Pizza

  • 4 Cheese Pizza

  • Barbecue Pizza

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