Missão Continente supports national culture’s artists

Supporting and promoting Portuguese culture and artistic activity, deeply affected by the pandemic, is one of Missão Continente’s ‘All for All’ solidarity campaign’s goals. It was this Saturday, the 21st, that Campo Pequeno in Lisbon received the “Demonstration for Culture”, organized by the Shows, Festivals and Events Promoters’ Association and by the Portuguese Association of Technical Services for Events, whose manifesto stated “culture in Portugal is collapsing”. The ‘All for All’ campaign aims to contribute to the reversal of this scenario.

At a time when social support institutions are receiving several requests for support, Missão Continente is promoting the largest national collection of food, through the sale of vouchers at Continente, Continente Online and Meu Super stores. But, in addition to the vouchers (which correspond to food items that will later be distributed by the Portuguese Red Cross and the Food Emergency Network), Missão Continente is scheduling concerts with 12 national artists and bands, in 12 venues across the country, whose tickets will be awarded to customers who purchase more vouchers (until December 27th).

Continente’s solidarity concerts will be featuring ‘GNR’, ‘Salvador Sobral’, ‘Jorge Palma’, ‘Clã’, ‘Marta Ren’, ‘Fernando Daniel’, ‘Jimmy P’, ‘Bárbara Tinoco’, ‘Camané’, ‘Capicua’, ‘Calema’ and ‘Tony Carreira’ who will perform, from north to south of the country, between the 8th and the 17th of January 2021.

‘União Audiovisual’ receives 10 tonnes of food

In addition to organizing these concerts, Missão Continente will donate 10 tonnes of food to ‘União Audiovisual’, an organization that emerged during the pandemic “to support colleagues who lost their work. We are talking about the technicians responsible for the sound, video and image, which the public does not normally see, but which, with the stagnation of artistic activity, were the most affected. Right now, there are more than 250 families that we help monthly”, explains Ricardo Queluz, co-founder of ‘União Audiovisual’.

Unlike traditional collections with volunteers, not recommended in the current context, in this campaign that runs until December 31st, the customer only has to state, at the time of payment at Continente, Continente Online and Meu Super stores, which goods he intends to donate and the respective amounts. The cashier then adds the donation to the customer’s bill (through vouchers with bar codes created for the campaign) and the contribution is made, without the need to handle or transport the items.

The ‘All for All’ campaign, in partnership with TVI, the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and the LAPS Foundation, aims to help in the national social response, at a time when requests for help from solidarity institutions are on the rise again and the sense of mutual assistance is fundamental.
Since the arrival of the new coronavirus in Portugal, Missão Continente has responded to numerous requests for support, distributing thousands of food and hygiene goods, among others, to dozens of entities including hospitals, municipalities and solidarity institutions, with the aim of helping not only the most vulnerable and in a situation of illness, but also health professionals and civil protection agents who remain at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19.

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